What to See & Do in Star Valley Wyoming

Winter Activities

Come basque in this winter wonderland while experiencing many winter activities near Colter's Lodge. Activities such as snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, national hill climbs championship, dog sled races, narwal hot springs, etc.

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There are many lakes and reservoirs surrounding the Afton area. Ice Fishing is a great family outing and adventure. With record fish swimming below the ice, it is always a surprise what is going to give ya a bite!

Snowmobiling is a very popular sport here. The snow covered mountains provide a haven for avid riders, beginners, sport or leisure. Participate in guided rides or venture out on your own. You can also spectate at the Hill Climb Championships in Afton and Jackson, Wyoming.

Ice Fishing 

Dog Sledding is a unique and beautiful sport. You can catch a race on certain dates in the wintertime in this area.

Snowboarding, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Snow Shoeing are all activities that are plentiful in this area and are wonderful memories to make with family and friends, or an adventure to take solo.

Granite Hot Springs is a great trip to take in the winter or summer seasons! Beautiful scenery and a special experience for all ages!

Summer Activities

Colter's Lodge is right in the heart of a summer haven in Afton. Every option for summer activities will be dripping with natural beauty. See below for some ideas to fill your visit with unforgettable memories!

Granite Hot Springs

Boating & Floating are other ways to explore this lush land in the summertime. Enjoy the billiant views while on an adventure, that will surely be one to remember!

For the horseman and horse lovers.. There are many rodeo activities that take place in the summer season. Along with unlimited trails all throughout these lovely mountains to explore on!

Ice Fishing 

The lakes, reservoirs, streams and rivers in surrounding areas are filled with yummy and trophy fish! For the experienced anglers, go out on your own and add this to your bucket list. There are also fishing guides in the valley that will show you some honey holes!

ATV and Dirt Bike Riding are great activities to do if you want to go on the road less traveled! There are many legal trails all around Star Valley, hop in/on and keep your eye out for wild life!

Intermitten Springs is a popular landmark that many love to visit. It is a medium grade hike that leads to you the natural spring. The endless mountains and trails create a hikers dream in the summer season!

Lincoln County Fair & Demolition Derby is an annual festive time of year. As summer comes to an end here in Star Valley, come enjoy the golden sunsets over the lights of the carnival and eat some yummy treats from the local food tents and do some shopping!

White Water Rafting in Jackson, Wyoming is an amazing experience! The guide white water trips as well as scenic floats down the Snake River Canyon.

Yellowstone National Park is a trip that you will never forget! Is packed with wildlife, including BIG game animals! The scenery is breathtaking and unique. 

There are many golf courses in Star Valley. This is a Golfer's paradise in the summertime! Also a great family activity to do and enjoy!


In every direction you look from Colter's Lodge, you will see mountains that are filled with many kinds of wildlife. Our valley is made up by the Wyoming mountains, as well as the Idaho mountains. It is lush forest every inch of the way, making it a cozy home for the animals.

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